pcd pharma franchise companyEvents Pharmaceuticals Private Limited is a pcd pharma franchise company that specializes in providing high-quality and affordable pharmaceutical products to customers across India. With a focus on stringent quality and compliance with ISO/GMP/WHO-GMP standards, we offer a wide range of products in various dosage forms, including tablets, bolus, external preparations, injections, and powders. Our products cover a range of categories, including analgesic, antibiotic, antipyretic anti-inflammatory, Rumintoric, Feed Supplements bolus & liquids, ecto parasites, endo parasites, ointments, and mineral mixtures. We are committed to providing excellent pcd franchise service to our customers and ensuring their satisfaction. Our competitive prices and use of modern technology for the production of our pharmaceutical products make us a cost-effective and reliable choice for our clients. With a team of experienced and skilled workers and ISO and GMP-certified manufacturing plants, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality products that meet the diverse needs of our customers.

At Events Pharmaceuticals Private Limited, we are dedicated to building strong and long-lasting relationships with our franchise partners. We offer competitive prices and provide promotional materials like doctor subscription pads, visiting cards, reminder cards, catch covers for samples, product cards, visual aid binders, routine gifts, stickers, and calendars to our franchisees. We also offer exclusive monopoly business rights to our appointed franchisees for their specific areas, ensuring a mutually beneficial partnership.
Choose Events Pharmaceuticals Private Limited as your pcd pharma franchise partner and experience our commitment to quality, innovation, and service. We are dedicated to providing the best possible outcomes for our customers and look forward to building a successful partnership with you.

Pharma Franchise Company
Franchisee Benefits:
Excellent Service feature is adopted by EVETNS for capture the market all over India. We give solutions quickly and in easy way to his customers. We faith in Customer’s Satisfaction.
It’s always our motive to give only QUALITY MEDICINE to our customers which means 100% assure medicines. We provide you the test reports from repudiated laboratory of all the products.
Our rates for franchisees are very competitive and MRP are mostly as per the market. This helps to you and the customers who buy the medicines of Events.
Appointed Franchisees will get monopoly business rights for his specific area for marketing on a legal note on which EVENTS and FRANCHISEE holder mutually agreed and signed.
Our Products are manufactured in WHO/GMP Compliance Units. We are also an ISO certified company from last 5 Years just because of our quality and services.
We are providing promotional material like well designed and informative Doctor Subscription Pad Visiting Cards, Reminder Cards, Catch Cover for Samples, Product Cards, Visual Aid Binder, Routine Gifts, Stickers and Calendars.
Brand Names of Products is a important part of Marketing. Our maximum brand names are trademarked. So, it is not possible to get same brand in the market.
We give our best attention on advertising because it is an important part to capture the market. That’s why we advertised our brands in reputed medical newspaper and books.
It’s a plus point of any Marketing Division which has his own Printing Press. We have the facility of in-house printing which has latest printing facilities that’s why our printing quality and designs are excellent in Boxes of medicines as well as in promotional material also which is the heart of a Successful Market.

Franchise Opportunity Benefits with Events Pharma:

Are you interested in starting your own business? Have you considered franchising? With Events Pharma, you can become a franchisee and enjoy exclusive rights in your working area.
Area Wise Franchise Monopoly Rights: One of the key benefits of becoming a franchisee with Events Pharma is the exclusive rights you’ll receive in your working area. This means that you’ll be the only one authorized to sell our products in that specific region, giving you a significant advantage over the competition.
High-Quality Products and Support: Events Pharma is known for providing high-quality products that come in attractive packaging and offer excellent profitability. Our competitive prices, combined with promotional support and advertising, make it easy for franchisees to achieve success.
Sales and Marketing Made Easy: As an appointed franchisee, you’ll have the freedom to sell our goods to wholesalers, retailers, and even veterinarians or doctors, depending on your marketing strategy. You’ll be able to set your own prices and create a marketing plan that suits your business goals.
Continuous Support: At Events Pharma, we believe that your success is our success. That’s why we’re committed to ensuring that our franchisees have all the support they need to grow their business. We make sure that stock is readily available, and we provide regular updates on new product availability via email, SMS, and correspondence.

Offered Promotional Materials by Events Pharma:

As an appointed franchisee with Events Pharma, you’ll have exclusive rights to sell our high-quality products in your working area. However, to establish your identity in the market and attract customers, you’ll need to have a strong marketing strategy in place. That’s why we provide our franchisees with a range of promotional items to help them succeed.
Visiting Cards
Doctor Subscription Pad
Catch Cover for Samples
Reminder Cards
Visual Aid Binder
Product Cards
Stickers & Calendars
Routine Gifts like as pen, costars etc.
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